GET WET is the tryout session we offer. You get one hour of introduction with the teacher and another hour of rental on your own right after, when you can practice alone.

Our SUP lesson regularly starts every Tuesday and Saturday at 10.00am and Thursday at 4.00pm.

Even though SUP is much easier to learn than windsurfing we recommend to learn the first steps under supervision of a qualified instructor. You will learn all the basic knowledge and maneuvers, which are necessary for you to have fun and success on the water. A beginner lesson contains the following aspects:
- Introduction into the equipment, different boards
- Basic paddle techniques
- Basic maneuvers, turning
- Safety, self-rescue, basic rules of wave riding, etiquette

SUP Safari and Wave Excursions:
We also do excursion to different spots in Gran Canaria where we offer lessons for all levels, from beginners to experts.

** Before you start exploring waves we strongly recommend a wave riding introduction with our Instructor to make sure to learn the right wave riding. Wrong board handling and bad technique can easily become dangerous to you and the other surfers in the water.