For many years our center has been organizing Highwind-Excursions to the northern spots of the island. During the summer the wind is more northerly than the rest of the year. This means that the wind is often not very strong and constant at Bahía Feliz (especially from the beginning of June until the end of August).

Salinas de Arinaga is a very universal spot for different levels. Protected by a windward tongue of land it offers flat water on the inside, wind chop in the medium section (easy to jump) and some long swells outside.

The Wind is usually similar to Pozo or Vargas, but because of the flat inside area it is perfect to train water starts, first jibes or other maneuvers. 

Arinaga has a beach of pebble stones, further in the water there is mostly sand. 

Fanatic Boarders Centre - Gran Canaria - windsurf centre, lessons, rental, north windsurf, ion  Fanatic Boarders Centre Gran Canaria is biggest, best and longest running windsurfing school in Gran Canaria. Located in Bahia Feliz, between the world cup spot Pozo Izquierdo and popular tourist resorts Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles, FBC Gran Canaria sits on the grounds of the Orchidea Hotel.  We stock boards from Fanatic, sails from North Windsurf and we?re also offering kayaks and SUPs.  The small beach receives consistent wind from either the left or right and is graced by challenging chop and occasionally even small waves. The conditions are ideal for flatwater blasting, freestyle and slalom training and the calmer conditions in the early morning are perfect for beginners, through to intermediates.  When better conditions present themselves at Pozo, Vargas, Arinaga or Burrero, our exclusive excursion package means we can take a day trip to those locations.  windsurfing / gran canaria / fanatic / lessons / bahia feliz / fanatic boarders center / club mistral / canary islands / spain / sup / surfing / center / kids / rental / spots / holidays / storage / mistral / north sails / shop / board rental / ion club / ion / sails / pozo izquierdo / fun / maspalomas / playa del ingles / kitesurfing / service / waves / flat water / playa tarajalillo / orquidea / tui / equipment / camps / active / family / waveriding / watersports / sports / activities / center / stand up paddleboarding / isup / windsup

Organisation:  An experienced instructor from FBC will organize these windsurfing trips every day (if there is enough demand and wind). 
We usually meet at 11.30 a.m. to pack all the necessary equipment on the trailer and we will be back around 6.00 p.m. (during winter around 5.30 p.m.). 

Equipment:  We mostly use boards between 75 and 105 l volume, max 115 l volume and sails between 3.4 and 5.0 m²; max. Size 5.3 m²
Special Service: Advice will be given on safety as well as on rigging, technique and highwind-sailing.

Instruction:  Especially on the flat water area in Arinaga this is the ideal training-ground for learning water start, jibes or freestyle maneuvers. Therefore, we offer you all kinds of intermediate and expert instructions on our excursions. However, we also offer lessons in wave-sailing or jumping (depending on conditions and sailors level). 

Performance Level:  As the wind is mostly very strong, water start and some experience in high wind surfing are essential (only short boards available). If you are not waterstarting yet, with some lessons success is guaranteed!

** Because of the challenging conditions, every guest participates at his own risk, being responsible for his own safety and the equipment. Insurance does not cover gross negligence and damages through rocks and reefs. The advice of our instructors has to be followed at all times!

Excursion Fee: We charge for the extra service for the excursions €9/day/person or €35/week/person.