Our address:
Fanatic Boarders Center
Playa de Trajalillo
35107 Bahía Feliz
Gran Canaria

If you’ve just arrived at the airport...

From the airport by car:
-  Take southbound (SUR) motorway in the direction of Maspalomas and continue for 20km
Take the Bahía Feliz (nr 38) exit and continue for 2km
Enter the Bahía Feliz resort on the first roundabout
It is best to park your car along the Av. de Windsurf and continue to the center on foot.  There is limited parking space! Do not park in yellow - zones!

From the airport by taxi:
Ask your taxi driver to take you to Hotel Orquidea in Bahía Feliz
24 km from airport (approx. €30)

If you’re already on the island…

By bus:
Gran Canaria has a regular bus service
Bahía Feliz is about 12 km from Faro de Maspalomas or 6 km from Plaza del Ingles or 3 km from San Agustin.
All buses from south to direction north stop in Bahía Feliz, including Airport & Las Palmas direct services. On each bus stop you can find information board with list of all bus lines that will stop in Bahía Feliz.
The prices of bus tickets starts from 1.40 € from San Agustin to maximum 4.95 € from Puerto Mogan from south and to maximum 5.60 € from Las Palmas. The price depends on the distance. For more information visit website of local transport company.
The Fanatic Boarders Center is a 2 minute walk from the bus stop

By taxi:
Ask your taxi driver to take you to Hotel Orquidea in Bahía Feliz
12 km from Maspalomas (approx. 10 €)
6 km from Plaza del Ingles (approx.  6 €)


If you are completely lost…

Don't hesitate to call us by phone. We will help you to find your way to Bahía Feliz!
-  FBC Telephone:  +34 928 157 158
FBC Mobile:  +34 636 979 289
FBC Excursion Phone:  + 34 649 622 444
 Opening times:  9.30am to 5.30 pm